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Areas of Practice

Montreal criminal lawyer, Stephane Cohen, defends his clients in all criminal and quasi-criminal matters. His areas of expertise include :

Property Offences such as theft (including shoplifting), breaking and entering, robbery, property damage (mischief) & possession of stolen property

White Collar Crimes including fraud, theft of data, telemarketing, forgery & tax evasion

Violent Crimes including assault, aggravated assault, assault causing bodily harm, sexual assault, homicide, domestic assaults (conjugal violence)

Driving Offences such as impaired and Over 80 (drunk driving), care and control, dangerous driving, hit and run & driving under suspension

Drug Offences such as simple possession, trafficking, importation & grow operations

Fraud Offences such as credit card fraud & false declarations

Weapons Offences such as possession for a dangerous purpose & firearms

Regulatory Offences such as traffic violations under the Highway Safety Code (speeding tickets, demerit points, license suspension etc.)

Young Offenders under the the Youth Criminal Justice Act

Appeals before the Quebec Court of Appeal and the Quebec Superior Court

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